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These are 1 hour time blocks, if you need more than one hour for your podcast(s), schedule as many 1 hour blocks as you need! If there are any scheduling issues or if you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Here are some ideas for your podcast: 

Business Owners in Your Network:

Showcase local businesses and entrepreneurs in your network who are making an impact in your community. Interview restaurant owners, retailers, service providers, and other business owners. Discuss their journey, challenges they’ve overcome, and their contributions to the local economy. By featuring these businesses, you not only support your network but also provide valuable exposure to your audience while strengthening your local ties. This podcast can foster connections and collaboration within your community, which can benefit both your real estate career and local businesses.


Local Real Estate Insights:

In this podcast, you can discuss the latest trends, market conditions, and insights specific to your local real estate market. Share valuable information about neighborhoods, school districts, and amenities in your area. Interview local experts, such as inspectors, appraisers, and contractors, to provide a comprehensive view of the local market.


Homebuyer and Seller Guides:

Create a series of episodes that guide potential homebuyers and sellers through the real estate process. Cover topics like “How to Prepare Your Home for Sale,” “Navigating the Mortgage Application Process,” or “Tips for First-Time Homebuyers.” Offer practical advice and tips to demystify the real estate journey.


Real Estate Success Stories:

Showcase success stories from your own experiences or those of your colleagues and clients. Highlight memorable transactions, challenges overcome, and lessons learned. These inspiring stories can provide valuable insights and motivation to your listeners.


Behind the Scenes of Real Estate:

Take your audience behind the scenes of the real estate industry. Discuss the day-to-day life of a real estate agent, from property showings and negotiations to marketing strategies and networking. Share the highs and lows of the profession to give a realistic picture of what it’s like to work in real estate.


Expert Interviews:

Invite experts in related fields to join your podcast. This could include mortgage brokers, home inspectors, interior designers, financial advisors, and more. Explore how their expertise intersects with the real estate industry and how their insights can benefit potential buyers and sellers.”